I read with deft curiosity, Bill Gates publication on his micro-blog – gatesnotes.com, an article titled ‘What You Need To Know About The COVID-19 Vaccine’. I am an ardent follower of Bill Gates on social media and also an admirer, given the gargantuan philanthropic work he and his amiable wife have done and are still doing through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. No doubt Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has positively impacted humanity, especially in areas of prevention of killer diseases through their vaccination projects globally.

However, a hard look at the article ‘what you need to know about COVID-19 Vaccine’, leaves much to be desired and in surreal suspicion. The article, seem to have more or less given some traction to the scepticism and theories been bandied around by a cross-section of people across the world, about a conspiracy regarding the COVID-19 global vaccination proposals, being rigorously pushed by Bill Gates.

At the introduction of the article, Bill Gates started by writing, “One of the questions I get asked by the most these days is when thee world will be able to get back to the way things were in December before the corona virus pandemic. My answer is always the same: when we have an almost perfect drug to treat COVID-19 or when every person on the planet has been vaccinated against coronavirus. The former is unlikely to happen anytime soon. We’d need a miracle treatment that was at least 95 percent effective to stop the outbreak. Most of the drug candidates right now are no where near the powerful. They could save a lot of lives, but they aren’t enough to get us back to normal. Which leaves us with a Vaccine”.

The big question is: why is Bill Gates precluding or ruling out the development of a drug for cure or treatment of COVID-19, and rather canvassing for a vaccine? As at today, there are existing and new medications (drugs) at different stages of trials, which have shown some prospects in the treatment of COVID-19 patients around the World. Why has Bill Gates along his foundation, not supported any of these various efforts, but has rather chosen to travel the lonely road of the development of a Vaccine that will be administered to all humans around the planet?

Gates’ article, clearly demonstrates his bias against a treatment/cure therapy, while pushing so hard, the global vaccination agenda, which as it stands, seems to have been perfected in areas of development, production, storage, transportation and administration of a vaccine globally; without the input of other stakeholders such as The World Health Organisation (WHO).

This looks to me, a very dangerous development, which needs to be watched closely by all. Gates’ skewed preference of a vaccine over a possible treatment or cure of COVID-19, might just be a recipe for disaster. HIV/AIDS – an equally viral disease, was discovered in the early 80s. This disease also rose to an epidemic level around the World. Over 3 decades after its discovery, neither a vaccine nor a cure has been found. Treatment therapies in anti- retroviral drugs, have reduced the death rates from HIV/AIDS by over 35 percent globally.

How is Bill Gates so sure that a Vaccine for COVID-19 will be found sooner than a treatment/cure, if he doesn’t have an underlying agenda for his global vaccination proposals?

Going further, Gates states that the said vaccine might not be perfect, but it will be okay. He further explained by proposing that even if an initial vaccine which confers protection for a short period is developed, it could be used until such a time when a better one which will confer a life-long immunity be developed.

Why has Bill Gates decided to pre-empt the outcomes (successes or failures) and timelines of scientific research experimentations, with so much precision? Is the human race not been rail-roaded into a noose by Gates and his co-conspirators? Is Gates not unveiling a script that has already been written?

Gates further posited that a minimum of 7 billion doses of the vaccine needed to be manufactured and distributed around the world. Invariably, he is ready, willing and able to support or bankroll a 7-billion dose vaccine. Why has he not thought it wise to funnel a fraction of that homogous resources to support the effort in finding a possible cure of treatment therapies been frantically developed around the world?

He further stated that low-income countries should be the first to receive the vaccine, because the risk of death from COVID-19 is higher in such countries. What an irony! It is on record that the United states of America – the arguably highest-income nation in the world, has recorded the highest COVID-19 infection rate and fatalities in the world. So, why has “Messiah” Bill Gates chosen to take his proposed Vaccine to poorer countries with lower infection and fatality rates, instead of his own country that has now become the hot-bed and epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic?

More questions than answers! The Bill Gates COVID-19 proposed Global vaccination project, must be properly scrutinized to unravel the mysteries surrounding it.

All well meaning citizens must be at alert. The hurried and harried reconvening of the National Assembly in Nigeria, and the NCDC act amendments, must also be watched closely. Everyone needs to be on his toes at this trying period. Just as the president Mohamadu Buhari put it in one of his addresses to the nation : “COVID-19 has become an issue of life and death”.

Clement is the Director, Library and Research PVC-NAIJA, and Ondo State, Coordinator. He writes from, Akure, Ondo State, South West Nigeria.