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This is Ondo State, the land of the brave and virtuous. I have been around for days, mixing and relating with the street crowds and flowing with the market hustlers. Peasants on their ways to farm are not left out in my political engagements with the public. The passion of the people to change the necessary change is no longer hidden.
Ondo State is a geographical space richly endowed with nature. A collective haven of sort; an impregnable fortress for the protection of the weak and the underdogs, a place where everyone is held and treated as important. The people are proud inheritors of this enviable heritage bestowed by divinity and protected for generations by their forebears. These bold, yet not foolhardy, resourceful, pragmatic and hospitable people are far from being stupid. They show understanding readily, but resist all attempts by the impetuous and naïve, who may mistake their craving for collaboration inquests of much needed progress as weaknesses. They remain consistent and resilient in the defence of their collective heritages. 
Little wonder Ondo State governorship election is always a nightmare for pundits. All political calculations every four years remain uncertain until votes are counted. If the permutations from Lagos failed in Edo, Ondo will defile all predictions in favour of the Emperor of Lagos and disgrace the Lord of Abuja whose insensitivity to the burden of the masses was relished with pride in his 60th anniversary celebration speech to Nigerians. Only a fool will give his/her vote to Buhari’s APC after such an inconsiderate delivery and poor arithmetic put forward to justify increase in fuel price. Certainly, Ondo people are not fools.
There are four major hurdles on the track for the incumbent governor’s racetrack.  These are:
  • Nepotism
  • Familitocracy system of governance
  • Abandonment of laudable legacies of the immediate past government
  •  Civil service politics
The people are very sensitive with regards to how appointments are made into strategic positions. Although this may make no meaning in other states. But the political sophistication, inclinations and exposure of the Ondo people are unparalleled hence they take note of minute details in deciding for or against their incumbents in their next elections.
Familitocracy System of Government
This system is alien to the state and unfortunately the biggest legacy of Arakunrin’s administration. The people are therefore not taking it lightly at all. The determination to see the end and uprooted with Akeredolu is not expressed in body language. It’s spoken loud and clear in unmistakable terms. It is left to Akeredolu to see how he hopes to convince the electorates that the model of Lagos, where the best of the state are exclusively reserved for wife, children and cronies is not being implemented in Ondo. I see a scenario of “Ondo no be Lagos” on the 10th of October, apologies to the Edolites.
The government policies against the laudable projects of the immediate past government in the areas include: 
A Education
B Health Care Delivery Services 
C Civil Service Policy 
Nothing is treasured by Ondo people like education. It is the reason Adekunle Ajasin, an Owo man is idolized even in death. Unfortunately, Akeredolu has betrayed the expectation of the people for voting another Owo man in the last election. In education he is a complete failure, because he monetized the system and frustrated the hopes of many who would have liked Sowore shine the light of the state around the world through the privilege of free education. Before his government came on board, there was free education at primary and secondary levels, while the higher institutions were paying a considerable and affordable tuition. But when he assumed office, he introduced tuition at all levels of education and stopped the free WAEC and NECO policy introduced by the Adefarati-led government and sustained by the Agagu and Mimiko administrations respectively. This did not go down well with the masses as the action forced many of our youths out of schools.  The arbitrary increase in the tertiary institution fees also caused serious havoc to our education system. The parents and students affected by this system formed parts of the electorates in the state. The mega school system introduced by the immediate past government has been abandoned too, while the free shuttle buses introduced to ease the transportation burden of the students had been cancelled by this government.
Health Care Delivery System
 The immediate past government led by Mimiko introduced Mother and Child Hospital, to care for the yet unborn babies till delivery and extended free treatment to mothers and their children up to five years. The pregnant women appreciated this policy and it attracted international recognition aside from the fact that it reduces infants and maternal mortality rates. So good was the services provided through the facilities that my daughter was brought from Lagos to Ondo State for her antenatal and delivery of my first grandchild in 2015. The mother and child hospitals across the state are today a sad reminder of joy once enjoyed. No beneficiaries of this facility will wish Akeredolu’s return.
Civil Service Policy 
The civil servants in Ondo State are very sensitive as they play pivotal roles in the life of every government, most especially when it seeks return to office.  The incumbent governor fixed Owo people in all strategic positions and retired some officers prematurely to pave way for his own people.  The appointment of head of service didn’t go down well with the civil servants as the wrong process is still fresh in their memories.  The non- payment of deductions is equally a factor apart from the fact that salaries and wages are no more regular.
Obviously, all these factors will seriously work against the governor in the election on Saturday.