I have read several attacks on the person of Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, Chairman, Board of Trustees, BoT, Project Victory Call Initiative, AKA PVC-NAIJA, by Femi Fani- kayode’s internet rats. But the only one I will dignify with a response, is so done, for the sake of his surname: Ajose- Adeogun. Though, I may take a swipe at one or two of such, particularly the faceless and nameless individuals who built on Ajose-Adeogun’s response.

I am compelled to keep to the tradition of our Principal, which is to dwell on issues. However, this lion leads a pride whose passion for the nation are uncommon and he will come after common dogs. He is unlike FFK, roaring around seeking whom to devour. This lion is sent after the order of David to rescue Nigeria from the paws of devouring beasts.

Akin A. Ajose-Adeogun, said Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi’s piece, titled: FFK: The Spy Who Fooled Us, reminded him of Mr. Femi Aribisala who similarly took the opportunity of an article from Femi Fani- Kayode to trash his late father. Meanwhile, Femi and his proxy Akin should be reminded of this one fact of life: you can’t love silver without its linings, neither can you follow Christ without a cross to bear.

Akin and Femi are both offsprings of silver spoons who are flaunting and relishing in the honour of their father’s names and heritages. If Femi doesn’t want to be reminded of his lineage, he should have been contented with Femi Kayode without adding “Fani”. There are thousand Kayodes and a million Femis out there, good or bad; heads doesn’t have to be raised at their arrival. These silver spoon fed are not like us; while they lean on their names for every thing, we have learnt the diligent duty of cracking our own kernels.

The hidden miscreant who built on Akin’s foundation claimed he doesn’t know Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, but he reached out to some swine who supplied them rag tag stories with which they tried to drag Dr Bolaji Akinyemi into their abode of murky waters.

Femi Fani-Kayode

One of the persons so called is Chief Kenny Martin, a man I personally had an unpleasant experience with on ACCORD PROJECT in 1999 when his office was at Adeniyi Jones. I warned Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi about this “faworaja”, better put in colloquial expression, “the more you look the less you see”. But Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi in his usual magnanimity said Nigeria belongs to all of us and everyone should be given a chance in the Nigeria project. Type out the name Kenny Martin or police equipment fund and the clue to this persona will literally come screaming at you. “Iru ahun, Yoruba ni ohun lo ri ahun e”. Simply interpreted, like they say begets like. We are not surprised their dogs are in fellowship with pigs!

Poignant issues raised in Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi’s article are left unattended to by FFK gang; what a shame!

Back to Femi and his father. Do I need to remind him of the Yoruba adage that says, “oruko rere san ju wura ati fadaka”, a good name is better than silver and gold? If Femi doesn’t want heads to be raised when he is introduced, he should drop the lever, Fani, in his name. Every mention of Fani for attention brings to remembrance the life and times of a man who in pursuit of gold and silver shunned the honour of a good name; the most cherished heritage of the Yoruba nation and a central value of the church on this side of time.

Ajose’s second paragraph was written to take a scrub on Dr. Bolaji Akinyemi, but I won’t dignify his ignorance. This high horse riders wouldn’t want to come down and take their abode with the masses, yet they keep trading with their destinies.

Akinyemi, he said is a “miscreant” and a nobody? Because, he hasn’t been to Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard? The content of Akinyemi’s intelligence are there in his article and other intellectual property for you to contend with. He doesn’t need a certificate to prove his content. Please, be excited, Akinyemi is a college dropout like Bill Gate!

To say his article was written in demand of FFK to severe ties with his northern friends, of course, revealed the writer as a poor student of English comprehension. He should please go back to the article and do a reread but this time under the tutelage of those whose understanding of English language are better than his.

On politics and partisanship, he should ask those who know Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi. He is a Democrat of strong progressive ideological persuasion; a registered member of APC but one who is intelligent enough to know that the choice of Buhari as the Presidential flag bearer of the party in 2015 will spell nothing but doom for our country. He knew his leadership will sail the newly formed party, APC to its waterloo and today, he stands justified. In case you care to know, I am a PDP member. We are not around Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi to advance a political party, but to pursue a vision on nation building.

They referred to Akinyemi’s article titled “Abuja Ruga Forest” written about his attack and consequent robbery within FCT. If that is the only one they could find among his numerous articles, then Nigeria should ask them what they know about this attack that claimed his gadgets and to which he also lost records of his writings, and Facebook account which they claimed he doesn’t have. The witch cried in the night and the child died in the morning, you would say.

Talking about price paid for standing up for Nigeria, on July 31st 2018, a day before the scheduled World Press Conference, at the Sheraton Hotel Ikeja, by Legacy Initiative International, Dr Bolaji Akinyemi, the then President of LLI, was attacked at AP Bus/Stop Agege in company of his wife by SARS. Three times he was shot at close range. This David is too sure of his God to be bordered about the threats of Saul!

If Femi and his gang are still in doubt about Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi, then a little more education about this rare Nigerian will suffice. This is a man whose conviction to nation building will not be traded for silver and gold, nor personal relationship with anybody. Kenny Martin should equally tell them how much was under the table to get Dr. Bolaji Akinyemi to play the Buhari card, yet he walked away. This is a man whose patriotism to Nigeria, his country will never be tainted with avarice. He is not like them whose worship of God and passion for Christ is rendered at the altar of mammon.

One of their rats on social media had the effrontery to ask for his resume. What a company of fools! Those who voted Buhari without certificate are asking him to prove his qualifications for daring to air his views and express his opinions?

Akin A. Ajose-Adeogun wrote of simple lessons in humanity, generosity of spirit, maturity and good breeding that he failed to completely comprehend. We needn’t come to the market square with how well Fani Kayode performed at breeding his son Femi, hoping there won’t be need for that.

The generosity of spirit must have been the fraternal ties between Abba and Femi that made Abba to so confide in him to the extent of divulging privileged information of State. To flaunt Abba’s humanity on his intervention at stopping the Government of Mohammadu Buhari from picking up leaders of our country who said the same thing Femi is say for his living, in excise of their right of expression in a constitutional democracy, yet Femi’s sponsor according to him is the reason Theophilus Danjuma and Obasanjo weren’t placed on house arrest. If with Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi revelation of Femi our gullibility can still not be guided for productivity, then we should all give up our hope.

Femi has succeeded in revealing the inability of his late friend at managing privileged information which are confidential and in the drunkenness of his office, sensitive matters of our nation became beer parlour gist between Femi and Abba.

Femi, one of your internet rats said, or is it you, that Abba must be given the credit for the 2nd Niger bridge. And l ask, how? So, Abba was the COS when the project took off under GEJ? Was he the National Assembly before whom the budget for the project was placed for approval? We have a crop of elites, ravaged by greater poverty than the poor of this nation: poverty of the mind, greed and avarice. That is the problem of Femi, Kenny and their likes who are ever eating but never satisfied.

Dr. Akinyemi

Chief Kenny Martin, you claimed, said, he locked Dr. Bolaji Akinyemi up. Well as the National Secretary of PVC-NAIJA, the vision that birthed Legacy Initiative Intl with other organisations of similar ideologies, I went with Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi in company of our lawyer, Barrister Segun Abioro to respond to the police invitation on attempted assaination petition written by Chief Kenny Martin against Bolaji O. Akinyemi. What a man of faith and focused leadership! The one who was shot at waved it off and told us God is your only protection when you are up against earthly powers, now at the police station to answer to assassination attempt? Our country is indeed an irony. Fortunately, Nigerians are not as gullible as this frustrated crops sounded in the piece, neither are the officers of the Nigerian police. Officers at Panti received us well and as soon as one of the most brilliant minds that God has blessed this nation with, though, without a “Cambridge certificate” read and responded to Kenny Martin’s petition lacking both in substance and intelligence, they saw through the man who can never be exonerated from the equipment trivial and terrible welfare conditions of the Nigeria police, a man appointed as the grand patron of LLI, because he was already a patron of one of the aligning groups, his sinister motives of turning Legacy Initiative International to a private business was resisted by the President. Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi, a “miscreant and nobody” was released by the Nigerian police on personal recognition.

Self appointed town criers! Cry your cry and stop hiding behind the masses. Nigerians know their own. The police were extremely professional, possibly against the expectations of Femi Adesina and General Muhammadu Buhari whose names featured in the body of the shoddily written petition.

We had arrived Panti at 11:45 am and walked out at about 2:30pm. To Doctor, it was a pinch of salt as he told us to discountenance the distraction.

Nigerians should please ask Kenny Martins what he has made out of LLI, Bolaji Akinyemi’s brain child that he ran away with?

Kenny and Femi should go and face their fraud and corruption cases with EFCC, and stop obliging the evil men in power just to keep delaying the process of justice. They were bold and men enough to loot our commonwealth. They should be courageous enough to also face the consequences.

Reference to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Governor Nasir El-Rufai is needless, though they have at different times received stokes of Doctor’s painful pen. But it is nothing personal and they should not be dragged into queries raised for FFK to answer. We are not into name dropping like they are, nor are we ready to be pitched against leaders with whom we have no dealings with till date. It’s an insult to say a man of astute commitment to the Nigeria project is sponsored by imaginary paymasters. We know their fears. They are getting the feelers of an enormous pressure being mounted on Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, across the length and breath of this country, which also played out at Panti, for personal recognition by the Nigeria police. Nigerians want him to get into the ring for the 2023 contest and end the reigns of the aristocrats with nothing but names for status quo maintenance.

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is too committed to political education to eradicate our elite’s illiteracy that is the hold of political middlemen like Kenny and Femi on the Nigeria masses. PVC-NAIJA is their nightmare!

Do we need to make public the concerns of well meaning Nigeria who graced the occasion of Stakeholders meeting held at Oriental Hotel on the honour of Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, persons who ordinarily will have nothing to do with Kenny Martin, but who were lied to that Dr. was ill disposed, who called in their numbers but were shocked to know that Kenny’s leopard will never change its skin. When they learnt all was done to get rid of Dr. from the event to please their paymasters who lodged in the hotel to watch how the platform Doctor laboured for will be hijacked and diverted.

Neither GEJ nor Buhari will take credit on projects when PVC-Naija is conducting Governance Impact Assessment. When was the last time American Presidents are applauded for road construction?

Policy formation, drive, direction and delivery are the hallmarks of good governance.

This piece became necessary to check Akin A, to please give respect to the name Ajose-Adeogun. We wouldn’t respond to anybody without a name. For names are one of the wrong legacies upon which failure is built in this country. Whose son is he? Many have asked, in response to Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi’s article. I laugh to hear that Bolaji Akinyemi doesn’t have a Facebook account. We can understand you. Your hackers reported that they took hold of the account “Apostle Bolaji Akinyemi”, but this golden fish has no hiding place. We opened another account, Bolaji Akinyemi.

If Buhari as a Muslim was contented to live life within the ability of his capacity and offer himself for duties he is competent to handle, he wouldn’t had sought for an office he knew he will need others to run for him. His insincerity led us to where we are, “eniyan ki fuye ko ni ohun wuwo, sugbon beleje Buhari sebi tanganran, o bo fo bayi oju gbogbo onije kuje ti ja”.

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is not a bigot as you presumed. He is a man on both Apostolic and National missions for a change of order over the church and the nation at large. A team player, not a one man riot running wild in search of publicity and attention.

Nigerians who want to know more about Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi should click on www.artintl.org and www.pvc-naija.com.ng to see the wonderful efforts of Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi along with other upright and respected Patriots at making Nigeria better and greater.

Abayomi Agbede-Daniels.

Abayomi is the National Secretary, Project Victory Call Initiative.
PVC-NAIJA! Change of Order!!