Being the text of address by Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, President, Project Victory Call Initiative, also known as PVC-NAIJA, at a Special Open House Eid-el-Kabir celebration hosted on Monday 12th August, 2019, by Hon. Ademola Adunola, at Dansaki Hotel and Suite, Ojokoro, Lagos.



Dear Patriots,

Like a house, the need to build a nation is often conceived by one man. But no house worthy of admiration has ever been built by one man. Even Naoh (Nuh or Nuhu as pronounced by Muslims) was assisted by his family to have the Ark built.

The progenitor of Faith Ibrahim, known to Christianity as Abraham was the man to whom conception of the house of Faith acceptable to God was given.

Islam the Faith of Peace and  Christianity the Faith of Love, both came from his loins. The need to forge synergy for peace between the adherents of both Faiths for the sake of humanity is the ONLY solution not just to the peace of Nigeria but of our world.

We hold the belief that love (Christianity) and peace (Islam) can work together POLITICALLY to provide stability for peace building in the polity.

This is dear to us! It is who we are. The originality we call PVC-NAIJA. That is our idea, broken into channels of mission to the public and developed into specific products of engagement with the electorate. Political Education (PE), is our core.

It has not been easy but the Almighty God has not left us without testimonies. To God indeed be all the glory.

Last year was remarkable. Our first public appearance was the first ever World Students Day celebration, officially held on Nigerian soil by PVC-NAIJA, on October 15th 2018. It held at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry Conference Centre, CBD, Alausa, Ikeja. We braze the trail and the success was a song sang through the media, which we owe largely to our amiable Director of Communications, Mr Wale Abydeen. With October knocking, hands must be engaged now for greater success for the 2019 edition.

Our next leap was “A NIGHT 4 NAIJA, an exclusive night of Political Engagement, Recognition & Award (ERA). It held at the City Height Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos on December 2, 2018 and there, love (Christianity) and peace (Islam) came together to set an example of National love, in a show of solidarity for GOOD DEED to celebrate the labour of one of our heroes, Alhaji Abdullahi Abubakar, an Islamic cleric who hid over 200 Christians of the indigenous tribes of Barki Local Government Area of Plateau State from the murderous herdsmen. The world to day has taken over his celebration from us, as the United States of America followed our Example, to honour our hero. 2019 edition of A Night 4 NAIJA is loading!

The divide of religion and tribe that has been built on the minds of our people can be erased, and a new foundation of love and peace laid to raise a new house of Nigeria, where all will be equal and where justice shall reign.

“The Confluence” was yet another leap taken on the 10th of February, 2019, titled “The Nigeria President and CEO 2019-2023” at which the public and electorates were educated on the values and qualities that will drive a successful Presidency. We contributed our quota and today history is kind to us. “Confluence” will be championed by INDIGENOUS GROUPS FOR RESTRUCTURING, and will henceforth hold every October to bring the indigenous ethnic nationalities in our Nation together to discuss the way forward. This redefined Confluence, for effective planning will roll from next year, (2020).

The success of “The Confluence” elicited some excitement on our part and that of our guests. But l must admit, being a green horn, I failed to  manage this well. I jumped at the offer openly made by Dr. Pedro Obaseki, the President of Midwest Movement to singlehandedly bank roll Ilu-Ogbon, our model of the Confluence for Lagos State. We set in motion all arrangements, but never heard from him again. The embarrassment of the Hotel bill and the debt from other logistics for the event is still being managed by our Director of Organisation and our Director, Projects.

However, I must not fail to mention the burden we placed on the ever willing shoulders of Leo Omosebi, Director of Projects, who till today has a bill hanging on his neck from the said event. May the days ahead grace us to lighten the burden.

No thanks to the economic situation of the country, for which I decided to manage the pressure till Members and Executives stabilise to carry the burden of the organisation. You will agree with me that such stability is not in view as the inept handling of the our economy  by the Government of the day is very glaring without an end in sight.

The plight of the public and members of this Organisation has necessitated the need for business development and empowerment model at ameliorating the suffering of the masses while at the same time fulfilling our vision and advancing our mission. This will be unfolded in details later.

So little has been achieved through my solo efforts and occasional assistance from members. Our web address is one of such, built, up and running and managed by one of the best in that field, Mr Ademola Adeoye, CEO, SESE Web Design and Print Services, free of charge, may the good Lord take your company beyond your desired height.

Some, stationaries were printed for official use to enable us send out correspondences at a discounted price by Mr Dele Honest Adejumobi, the cost was borne by the President. I will not also fail to acknowledge the contributions of Mr Babatope Babatunde Akinyele, whose company Xpress Partners Ltd,  owners of Xpress Couriers, sent our couriers to Houses of Assemblies in the South West and South South free of charge, while the President bore the cost of those to National Assembly and the North.

One of such couriers was dignified by the Cross River State House of Assembly, and a contact was established with us by Mr Augustine Ukukong, a legislative officer, on behalf of the Clerk of the House. We tarried on the invitation for obvious reason of fund. A resolution was communicated for volunteers who can afford to fund their trip and I had the privileges of our young embulent Assistant National Secretary and National Students Officer, Mr Tunde Onipinla and a die hard believer in the Nigerian Dream, in our National Treasurer Lady Salome  Oputa on the trip. We were well received by Elder, Barr. Bassey Ekpenyong, who happens to be the oldest Clerk in the legislative service of our country at the moment. He introduced us to the RT Hon Eteng Jones-Williams the Speaker, who presented us to the House of Assembly of Cross River State in plenary, the sitting to which we bowed and presented THRESHOLD OF HISTORY, our thesis on Agenda for Restructuring.

The trip was a success and the spiraling of that beckons on me for a trip to Jos and Benue this week to discuss our visit to their Houses of Assemblies with relevant authorities.

You will agree with me that we are raised to liberate our nation at this season. The grace of inspiration for uncommon ideas is an attestation to this fact.

We cannot pretend that all is well as funding has been an issue; the cross bar that has limited the height of our jumps.

What we must achieve for our members, attain as an organisation and deliver to Nigeria has necessitated the need to be proactive.

Two steps must therefore be taken:

  1. We need a political structuring that will free us and all aspiring citizens away from the political PARTIES of the day, who have proven to be “kettle and pot calling each other black”.

Our political ideology of fresh water for new fishes is better championed through our own political platform.

My apologies to the house on the scheduled colloquium 05:08, which postponement was necessitated by the revolution announced by aggrieved Nigerians against the Government, led by Omoyele Sowore, the Presidential candidate of AAC in the 2019 election. Safety of lives and properties is of essence to our NON VIOLENT organisation.

The colloquium will yet hold, bigger and better, with an International Speaker from United Kingdom joining us later this month.

So much is in the pipeline, but our pumping machine must be powered, money of course is the energy with which political machines runs.

The need to protect our members who will run for elections in 2023 and win, who can only be insulated from systemic corruption that is festered in our political  parties and fostered on the country is paramount. This can only be taken care off with a business development plan and geometrical aggregating network concept that can deliver 30 million members on our platform with enough money to run with, ahead of 2023.

We have developed a stone that will kill these two bird and it will be reviewed and adopted by this house for immediate operation.

May I say come 2023, PVC-NAIJA will be the structure to beat, that, heaven have decided for the earth to bring to pass. God is therefore depending on us to reach out and tell Nigerians to stop troubling Him, and buy in to the change of order that will end bad governance in Nigeria.

Thanks for your time.


PVC-NAIJA! Change of Order!!


Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi

President, PVC-NAIJA